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A mostrar mensagens de Setembro, 2011

Becoming a Disabled Woman is a big Issue in Our Families

Graça[1], a 32 years old woman, from the township of Chimoio in Manica Province of Mozambique, a mother of two kids Paulo and Anita[2] of 10 and 5 years old respectively, was divorced with a breastfeeding child (Anita) when she was one year old, for almost four years. Graça divorce resulted in sequence of events that started in a car accident, when she was hit by a car selling roasted peanuts to increase the income of her family, before Anita came. As she states within sniffs “…since that car shocked me I entered in a darkness that had been difficult to overcome…” after a pause she continues “I’d never imagine my husband bringing another woman into our roam because I became disabled while looking for a support to our own family.” In fact Graça was amputated a leg after the accident and as she mentions “…my husband family started to agitate his mind to chase me out since I was bringing bad lack to the family due to my new situation...”. Graça swears (in a firm and louder voice) that re…